About Birch Hosting

“Your Vision our Support” Everything we do, every change we make we put our customers first, isn’t that refreshing? All from a UK company.

Why BirchHosting?

BirchHosting was started up for one reason, to give great service and Affordable Web Hosting without the compromise in service or support. This was driven by the fact that I received poor service from another hosting provider, where is leased dedicated servers. After a while i realised the service i wanted to give my customers couldn’t be backed up with service to me.

So it was time to go it alone and pick a new provider and support team to support the servers so we can give the excellent support to our customers that was my vision from the outset, making us different from the competition . 

All our Web Hosting packages have 7 days a week support and our customers will testify that we really do deliver on the customer service front, after all that’s why we are here, to support you.     Our Web Hosting is based in multi million pound UK data centres, that’s right, there is three of them. So you don’t have to worry that they are hosted in somebody’s garden shed, and you can check our uptime online. (Google birchhosting uptime)

How do we do it?

One question customers ask is how do we do it? We have Cheap Domains and cheap Web Hosting where do we make our money? Well its simple volume, the more we sell more money we make. It’s a small amount per customer but it works well. Take a look at our Blog we are not greedy either when we get deals we pass it on to you, our valued customers.

All we strive for your recommendation to friends and colleagues, that’s our goal, by giving great customer service. You have nothing to lose by trying our Website Hosting, as you have a 30 day money back guarantee on all hosting packages with a registered UK company.

After all if we don’t look after you, somebody else will.

Kind regards

Greg Birch

Managing Director

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