BoxTrapper Removed

November 10, 2013

email spamAs you’re possibly aware the biggest issue any shared host faces is the blacklisting of the IP addresses of the mail servers we use. On a shared environment it only takes one customers account to be compromised to affect everyone else using that IP address.

Boxtrapper on paper looks fantastic, you receive an email and unless the email address is on your white list it will send a response email to the sender asking them to click a confirmation link thus confirming the sender is real, and until this is done you don’t receive any email from them in your inbox.

This is the issue as now the spammer look for people using Boxtrapper and uses random email addresses to send from and Boxtrapper replies with the confirmation link, so you have sent the spam to 3rd party.

This is called backscatter so the spammers forge the senders email address (really easy) and then target the email addresses thay want to sent via the bounced massage being sent from the Boxtrapper account. This then allows the server IP of the senders email to be blacklisted and once this happens effects everyone.

As always if you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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