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As we all chase page speed, we use useful tools out there to understand how we can optimise our websites. Sites like GTmetrics show what changes can be made to improve performance. What you will find is Google Analytics scripts always showing that improvement is needed through caching, However as this is an external resource […]

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PHP 7 the biggest release since V5 Like most of us we are always chasing website speed, faster load times and use less resources to make our sites slicker and quicker. Well here is the all new PHP7. The top 2 advantages of using PHP7 Its twice as fast, allowing more than 2 times the amount […]

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How to setup CloudFlare in cPanel We are going to take you through the process of setting up CloudFlare. Before you continue if you’re using a SSL certificate on your site then this isn’t the option for you unless you upgrade to their Pro plan, however if you’re not using SSL the cPanel CloudFlare option […]

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