CloudFlare protection for your admin area

Jun 21, 2016

How to protect your admin area with CloudFlare

Ok you are a few steps away from protecting your admin area. We will be showing the principle on a WordPress install, however you can adopt this to any admin area.

Once you have setup CloudFlare (full DNS recommended) then you need to login to your CloudFlare account directly and navigate to the domain you want to manage with the dropdown.

Use the following steps

  1. Click the page rules icon
  2. Create new page rule
  3. add the following URL to protect ** leaving the ensuring the * is not ommited.
  4. Click add a setting and select security level
  5. Set to I’m under attack

That’s it you’re done, further visits to any page that resolves to wp-login.php like wp-admin,will result in a browser check.

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