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Nov 15, 2016


We have have seen some massive changes over the course of the last few months from cPanel, first was the jump from version 56 to 58 which included the AutoSSL system which changed the way we secure our sites without all the pain of the supplying all your details to order a SSL certificate then having to install it. Now for most customers this is absolutely free and installation is automated at our end. Furthermore you can now secure all your domains as opposed to buying separate SSL certificate for each domain, a massive money saver.

Also in version 58 the biggest change was to the structure of multiple sites on a single account, before your addon domains had to be in the public html folder, this is also a thing of the past as now all addon domains are added in the home directory, so the sites are completely independent of each other.

So whats new in cPanel version 60?

The way you access cPanel has changed, providing you have a SSL certificate installed on your domain then you no longer have to access cPanel or WHM via the server address to login securely, you can login to cPanel for example (this being your actual domain) or WHM with (this being your actual domain)


The same goes for Webmail as well

But it gets better

Before you had to use the server main address  on the incoming and outgoing server settings to connect via SSL with your email client and deal with certificate errors. Although this was safe, it did cause issues for certain clients having to accept the server certificate.

Using your own server address (this being your actual domain) will now allow you to connect securely with no errors and setting up email clients will be a lot more simple.

So if you have a SSL (https://) then you can start to use the new features straight away, if a SSL is not installed get in touch and we will get one installed for you.

Please note you have to have SSL enabled on your account to use any of these features new features.






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