cPanel Restore for none subscribers

November 6, 2013

As you’re quite possibly aware of the frustration and time that can be spent on resolving an issue when the site starts to misbehave after an update.

R1Soft Hourly Hosting ProtectionWith the majority of sites now being run by content management systems (CMS) when something goes wrong, it can go really wrong. The reason for this is the fact that when you update plugins, themes and core files you can be changing php code, css and database entries as well as the db structure.

The real answer is to do what your told to do before any upgrade and that’s backup, backup, BACKUP!! However we all hit that button from time to time, and hold our breath waiting for it to complete without error.

In the past this would be a long process to get the to the bottom of the issue and in some cases a complete website re-build. So if you don’t want to pay for the monthly subscription we can now restore your site any one of over 100 restore points over the month as we backup your site and databases every 6 hours.

This is also the best option if your site gets compromised by out of date software as we can restore to before the breach occurs so you can update and secure your site. The link to order any of the services can be found in the client area. If you have any questions please get in touch.

R1 Soft subscribers this is all free of charge.



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