Free reserved .uk domain names are back

Sep 21, 2018

£1.50 .uk domain
Promotion Claim your reserved .uk domain name
Promotion Starts 01/10/2018
Promotion Ends 31/03/2019
Normal Price £6.99
Sale Price Free
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    A free reserved .uk domain for free IS BACK!!

    After our success with the offer last year we have introduces it again, this time for 6 months, we are super excited about this offer. It secures a domain that you can compliment your current domain, furthermore protect your brand, We are announcing this early so you don’t pay for that .uk domain if you can get it for free in the 10 days.

    A little more info

    On the 10th June 2014, the new shorter, sharper ‘.uk’ domain names became available for the first time alongside ‘’, ‘’ and so on. This represented the biggest modification of the UK namespace since it began.

    Rights to registration

    When the .uk domain extension was released the owner of the ‘’ domain had the first refusal on registration (held for 5 years) to protect your company or personal identity. If you registered a ‘’ domain, before 28th October 2013, then you can now claim your reserved ‘.uk’ domain registered for 1 year free of charge, that’s right, free, gratis, freebie, complimentary, you get the idea. This is worth £6.99 per domain, so don’t miss out. When the domains are due for renewal will be renewed at the normal ‘.uk’ domain pricing, (currently £6.99 per year). Any unique ‘.uk’ domain name (e.g. one that does not have an equivalent name already registered as a ‘’ or a ‘’) is available to register in the normal way, at the normal domain cost of £6.99 per year.

    Terms and conditions (Just a few)

    You need to register for the free ‘.uk’ domain between 1st October 2018  to 31st March 2019

    To qualify for the free registrations you need to be a UK based business or individual with a current uk address and either a ‘’ or ‘’ domain that was registered before 28th October 2013.
    Free ‘.uk’ domains are only offered to eligible customers with the ‘’ or ‘’ that reside in the Birch Hosting account, however you can transfer your ‘’ domain in to be eligible for the promotion during the offer period.
    All free 1 year registrations of the ‘.uk’ domain will be subject to a £5 transfer out charge per domain if you decide to transfer out before renewal. If you renew the domain at any point within the year to extend registration then the fee will not apply. The reason we are doing this is to stop transfer in then back out to get a free domain as the registration of the ‘.uk’ is all manual at our end.

    In the small proportion of instances where there could be competition – e.g. where one person holds and another holds – the ‘.uk’ domain will be available to the ‘’ registrant. If the ‘’ domain has expired and re-registered then the ‘’ will have the priority providing the above terms are met.

    How to order (Please read carefully)

    Go to and enter the ‘.uk’ domain that you want to register, then search. If the result comes back with either the ‘’ or ‘’ domain has the right to registration, if you own that domain and its in your account with us then raise a Domain Support ticket with the .uk domain you want to register and we will take care of the rest.

    You can pre-order by raising a ticket before the date, then we will process once the promotion starts.

    The normal domain search facility will not work for reserved domains so please ensure that you use the link provided to check you are eligible. This is a great opportunity to either re-brand your site for that much easier to use ‘.uk’ domain name for your customers to remember, or even just protect your brand. If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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