Free SSL certificates are now live

Aug 15, 2016

ssl cetificates

Free SSL’s are now here

All customers on Host 4, Host 6 and Host 8 can now request SSL’s for their accounts free of charge.  This means that if you have multiple sites and sub domains on your hosting then we will create an SSL for it. So all your sites can now be https:// as opposed to http:// and you will get a green padlock in the browser bar.


You have 4 domains


All the above domains will be covered on the one account, also the following will be covered


Also if you have sub domains they will also be covered


What does this mean for me

It means that you can be taken more seriously by your site visitors as they will have confidence that you have gone to the trouble of securing the connection between their browser and your site.

Google will also take you more seriously as you have secured your site with a SSL

If you’re using WordPress then you need to change your site to https:// as opposed to http in the site and home section, you will also have to make sure all your media is being called via https, as opposed to http. In most cases all you need to do is remove and re-add an image and it will be https.

Dependant on the size of your site there are different options available, please drop us a ticket if you’re not sure.

How does this work?

Ok all you need to do is request that SSL is enabled on your account, then during the night our servers will order a SSL/SSL’s for you and install them, there is nothing for you to do.  Also if you decide to add a sub domain at a later date the server will order that too during the next ordering cycle. You can see what SSL’s are installed in your SSL/TLS section in cPanel.

All we ask is that you take the steps above to secure your site once its installed, otherwise we will remove any accounts that do not use the SSL

Why is my plan not covered?

Host 2 is an entry level hosting package on our super fast servers, to enable SSL you either need to purchase from our SSL page  which will cover only one domain or upgrade to Host 4 which is great value for money and less that the price of 1 SSL for the year to upgrade and all your sub domains and main domains will be covered.

Legacy Hosting packages are being phased out so we have no plans to include at a later date, however you could just upgrade your hosting account to a current package with more resource for the same price.

  • Plan 1 = Host 2
  • Plan 2 = Host 4
  • Plan 3 = Host 6
  • Plan 4 = Host 8

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to ask, lets make the internet a safer place and make your business more successful by giving customers and Google more confidence in visiting you.

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