Web Space (600Mb) 
Webspace is where your web pages and the items associated with them such as images and sounds are stored.

Monthly data transfer (2000Mb) 
Every time someone visits your website they will use some of your bandwidth allowance.

For example if one of your web pages is 10 kilobytes in size (KB) and the images that are on that page are 90 KB then if someone visits your page they will use 100 KB of data.

Your bandwidth allowance is in megabytes (MB), there are 1024 KB in 1 MB. 

You have total control
You have total control over your website hosting and domains in our advanced control panel. From your customer centre, and website hosting panel (Bpanel 2.0) you can control every aspect of your hosting. You also have a domain control panel, this enables you to control DNS ownership details etc, as you own the domain at BirchHosting. Domains are very easy to transfer out (we don’t charge) and transfer in .uk are free. You can also transfer to another BirchHosting customer with ease.

Detailed online help
We have an extensive support database in the customer section of the site. This covers all frequently asked questions. However if you can find it there we are always here to help. Contact support through the ticket system has 24/7 support, we will get most problems resolved within 2 hours.

Pricing (£12.00) 
We have the following payment options available
* Monthly Payment £1.50
* Quarterly Payment £3.90
* Yearly Payment £12.00

Domain Transfer Included
That’s right!!! you can transfer the following domains to BirchHosting for free
* .co.uk
* .me.uk
* .org.uk

The free trial is back 

Free Trial
We are that confident that you will be happy with our hosting, we are giving away 1 months free hosting (excludes Developer Plan) before you buy.

What is the catch?
None at all. To take up this offer you need a domain and it needs to be pointed to our nameservers, for it all to work, that’s all!
* ns1.birchhosting.co.uk 
* ns2.birchhosting.co.uk 
No money or credit card is needed for this trial, only 1 trial can be taken per customer

What if I don’t have a domain?
You can register one, if you register one from us when you take out your hosting package after the trial, we will deduct the cost of the registration, from your yearly hosting if the plan you pick has a free domain on signup.

What happens to the domain if choose not to continue? 
If you registered the domain with us it remains yours, so you can transfer out, or use the domain control panel to point the dns to another hosting company. We don’t charge for transferring domains out of BirchHosting

How do I apply?
Go through the order process if you already have a domain and your going to point it to our nameservers strart your 
signup here and enter your domain in option 2 as we need to put the domain reference in our system. Then when in the order process select the Linux or Windows Free Trial. Then once registered in the customer centre follow the following steps * Click on the Contact Support * In the Subject select Free Trial * Service Select General * Body please enter your domain name and the package you would like to trial This was an automated process, unfortunatly we have had to suspend due to abuse. Once our team have confirmed your details we will activate the free trial or your choice.

What if i don’t want to continue the hosting?

We would be surprised if you didn’t as you will be hosting with world class servers, and support. 

However if our plans don’t fit your needs, all we ask is that you raise a ticket and let us know you don’t want to continue.