New free CDN on SSD Cloud Hosting Plans

Feb 21, 2020

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The SSD Cloud Hosting CDN is live, and free for all SSD Cloud Hosting customers.

Our Content Delivery Network will cache website files at data centres around the world. By having copies of your site at the network edge, it means that sites will load faster in countries outside the UK.

It also adds an extra level of reliability: visitors’ requests will have fewer network ‘hops’ to go through, so in the event of an internet disruption they’re more likely to arrive at a working website.

Same features as paid CDNs

We also include a powerful Website Acceleration Suite, which optimises sites to reduce their bandwidth. This will help them load faster, wherever they are in the world. It does this by optimising images and code, with over 40 options to improve your site speed.

Not everyone wants to experiment with all these features, so we’ve created a safe and simple preset: ‘One-Click Optimisation‘. We encourage you to make a note of your pagespeed score – before and after turning it on.

Having a faster site will make your users – especially mobile users – more engaged with the site. It also has search engine performance benefits, and reduces data costs to both individuals and the environment.

To get the same options on a Cloudflare CDN, you’d have to pay for their $20/month package. That’s great value!

You can start using the CDN now by logging into your hosting control panel and going to the CDN section.


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