We will keep you updated here as to which Wordpress Plugins are disallowed, and which are allowed from the list we published.

Broken Links Checker - Disallowed Performance Detractor (removed from server)

Use the following for broken links

  • Broken Link Check — Online, limited to 3000 pages.
  • LinkChecker — Windows, Macintosh & Linux
  • Integrity — Macintosh only.


  • Updraft - Disallowed Duplicate Process and no longer supported (removed from server) Uodraft Plus still allowed as long as you're backing up to a remote server.
  • Backup Wordpress  - Disallowed Duplicate Process (queued for removal)
  • BackupBuddy - Allowed providing scheduled backup tasks are not being performed and backups are on remote server. Any scheduled processes detected the plugin will removed without notice and banned from the account.
  • Duplicator - Allowed providing that scheduled backups are not performed and backups are to remote server. Any scheduled processes detected the plugin will removed without notice and banned from the account.

All backup plugins that have no other function other than the ones listed above are not allowed, the ones above are only allowed on a none scheuled basis as this is a duplicate process, also all backups are to be sent to a remote server as there is very little point of having backups on the server you're trying to protect.


All backups found on the server will be removed automatically without notice.

Related post plugins

Almost all “Related Posts" plugins suffer from the same fundamental problems regarding MySQL, indexing and search. All of these problems make the plugins themselves extremely database intensive. The ones that we’ve banned outright are:

  • Dynamic Related Posts (queued for removal)
  • SEO Auto Links & Related Posts (queued for removal)
  • Yet Another Related Posts Plugin (queued for removal)
  • Similar Posts (queued for removal)
  • Contextual Related Posts (queued for removal)

There are dedicated services allow you to offload related post functionality to their servers.

  • Jetpack Related Posts
  • Reverb
  • Outbrain
  • LinkWithin
  • Contextly

If you’re interested in providing related posts on your site, it is advised that you look into one of the services listed above instead.

Full list of disallowed plugins, we don't intend to make this too long

  • broken-link-checker (queued for removal)
  • dynamic-related-posts (queued for removal)
  • updraft (queued for removal)
  • similar-posts (queued for removal)
  • hello.php (hello dolly) (queued for removal)
  • backupwordpress (queued for removal)
  • yet-another-featured-posts-plugin (queued for removal)
  • google-analytics-dashboard-for-wp (queued for removal)
  • google-analytics-for-wordpress (queued for removal)
  • backup-scheduler-for-wp (queued for removal)
  • contextual-related-posts (queued for removal)
  • similar-posts (queued for removal)
  • async-google-analytics (queued for removal)
  • tweet-blender (queued for removal)
  • wp-postviews (queued for removal)
  • yet-another-related-posts-plugin (queued for removal)
  • backwpup (queued for removal)
  • Quick Cache  (queued for removal)
  • Quick Cache  Pro (queued for removal)
  • WP database optimizer (queued for removal)
  • WP DB Backup (queued for removal)
  • WP DB Manager (queued for removal)
  • BACKUPWPUP (queued for removal)
  • File Commander (queued for removal)
  • Google XML SITEMAPS with multisite support (queued for removal)
  • Missed Schedule (queued for removal)
  • OZH Who Sees Ads (queued for removal)
  • Recommend a friend (queued for removal)
  • AntiVirus (queued for removal) Not needed out of date and covered by imunify

Please note none of the above plugins cannot be installed, removal will actioned by the automation. 

All chat plugins locally hosted, against terms and conditions

Wordfence scanning is now disallowed based on issues with larger sites consuming too much I/O, also since the introduction of imunify 360 this is a duplicate process.

EWW Image Optimizer Allowed providing it doesn't cause issues, be very careful with image intensive sites if you're doing a bulk resize, allow 5 seconds between resizes.


Thursday, February 25, 2016

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