Google webmaster announcements

It has come to our attention that one of the main cPanel features have been abused. Currently we are receiving support ticked regarding google webmaster tools reporting social engineering attacks on their site. This will be reported by something similar to the following To promote free SSL we had a divert on the ... Read More »

18th Feb 2017
Windows 10 User Announcement

Some Windows 10 users are experiencing difficulty connecting to the internet after installing a recent update. In the mean time, there are a few steps you can take that should get your connection up and running again. First, restart your computer. Click Start, Power and Restart (not Shut Down). Try your internet connection once it's ... Read More »

23rd Dec 2016
Revision in Renewal & Restoration Policy for .EU Domains

The .EU Registry has announced a change in its policy with respect to Domain Renewals as a result of which .EU Domains will no longer enjoy any Renewal Grace Period. This change will come into effect from 15th of November, 2016. A domain name that is not renewed before the expiry date will now directly expire and be available for restoration. If ... Read More »

13th Nov 2016
cPanel Server Maintenance

Between 10pm and midnight on the 22nd June we will be carrying out scheduled server maintenance on all cPanel servers. Shared hosting servers affected will be:- The server reboot will be carried out once the ... Read More »

21st Jun 2016
Recent power outage with RFO

We are currently awaiting a RFO (reason for outage) regarding the power outage from the datacentre that affected the customers on and We apologise for this disruption in service which was completely out of our control. This issue wasnt limited to our business but 1000's of suppliers that use the same datacentre. ... Read More »

21st Mar 2016
Disallowed WordPress plugins (cPanel Hosting)

We will keep you updated here as to which Wordpress Plugins are disallowed, and which are allowed from the list we published. Broken Links Checker - Disallowed Performance Detractor (removed from server) Use the following for broken links Broken Link Check — Online, limited to 3000 pages. LinkChecker — Windows, Macintosh & ... Read More »

25th Feb 2016
Planned cPanel servers downtime

Planned downtime for our cPanel servers    We are currently upgrading all our cPanel servers, this means that we are moving to faster hardware, on a faster network so this move will come with a great deal of benefits, with little inconvenience apart from the initial downtime.    Stage 1 of the move is the current servers need to be located ... Read More »

2nd Feb 2016
Domain Price Increases

From the 1st March, Nominet, the registry for all .UK domain names, will be increasing their domain name prices.    Therefore we will be updating our prices in line with Nominets industry standard. This is the first increase from Nominet since we became registrars for them in 2010. The .uk family of domain prices will be standardised ... Read More »

2nd Feb 2016
Reboot Of all cPanel Servers

We are currently applying a security patches to all cPanel servers thats been announced in the last couple of hours. This means that once the updates have been applied we will be rebooting the servers. Please expect the server to be offline for about 20 - 30 minutes during the reboot process, and we will keep you updated via ... Read More »

18th Jan 2016
2016 Hosting Price Increases

Since 2008 most of our hosting packages have gone down in price. However with the increase of service prices since this time, we have had now choice to increase our prices. All hosting packages will increase by 20%, which means that most packages are still less than when they were in 2008. Also customers that did subscribe to R1Soft will now see ... Read More »

3rd Jan 2016