Billing (2)

Common billing questions and issues are addressed.

Databases/PHPMyAdmin (18)

Administration and connecting to your database.

DNS (4)

How to manage DNS within your hosting panel

Domains (20)

How to manage the domain names and transfers.

Domains Reseller (0)

How to utilise our API for registering domains from your site

Email (56)

Email related answers including webmail and setting up your devices.

FTP (16)

How to use FTP to upload and manage your web site.

Getting Started (5)

How to access the hosting panel, and other interesting stuff

PHP (4)

PHP related issues are listed here including the use of PHP selector

Reseller & Developer Section (4)

FAQ's for Reselllers & Developers.

Scripting/Perl (4)

Scripting/Perl FAQ's

SFTP cPanel (1)

How to setup SFTP access on our new SSD cpanel hosting

Video Tutorials (1)

Tutorials to help you get started with your hosting and domains

Web Hosting (45)

Web Hosting FAQ's

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