How do I transfer a com, net, org, info, biz or name domain To BirchHosting?

Transferring your domains to BirchHosting is simple if you follow the guidelines in this FAQ.


Before you start the transfer you must ensure that the current administration contact email address is valid and that the person receiving email at that address knows that they must respond to emails about the transfer. The domain name must also be unlocked with the current registrar.


1. Log into your BirchHosting Client Area and select Domain Transfer from the order menu on the right.

2. Enter the domain name that you want to transfer to BirchHosting press lookup, then select the domain and order now.

3. The administration contact will receive an email from Enom with instructions on how to confirm the transfer.

4. Once confirmed it will take only 24 HOURS to become active if you are transferring from 123-reg or UKREG. With other providers it may take up to seven days.

5. You may also receive another email from the current registrar, if you do you should read this very carefully as it may contain instructions for you to authorise the transfer away from them.

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