I am getting an Internal 500 error asking me to check the logs. How do I do this?

All the log files for your package are available via your Bpanel 2.0 Control Panel > Log File Download. If these appear blank, please temporarily rename any .htaccess files that your site uses as these may affect the operation of the scripts that retrieve the logs. 

The error log will often contain valuable information as to what went wrong and which lines of code caused the error - if you are using a third-party script, this information will help their support team (or the community, if it is an open source script such as Wordpress) to assist you. 

If you have SSH access, you can access the logs directly - 'cd' into the "logs" directory where you can look at the logs with Linux tools such as 'less', 'tail' and 'grep'. If the error is reproducable, 'tail -f' allows you to watch the logs update in almost real time as the error occurs.

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