Should I Use a VPN?

Dec 4, 2020

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I am going to explain the pros and cons of VPN’s in the following article and give you as much information as I can so you can make a balanced decision on if you need VPN.

What is a VPN?

VPN stands for virtual private network. This is made possible by you connecting to a server directly from your home or office via a secure tunnel, then connecting to the website you want to visit. This means that your ISP or anyone on the same network cannot see who you are connecting to apart from the server you are connected to, they cannot see the sites you are visiting.

VPN Pros

No caching
(I don’t mean logs I will get to that soon) it means if you have just changed records of a domain or visiting a new site it will show you in real time. ISP cache records so if you change nameservers or IP A records these can take hours through the ISP holding you up, go through a VPN and you will see the new records immediately.

Connect from anywhere in the world
As you can connect to 1000’s of servers worldwide this means that any website you are visiting assumes that you are in the country that that server is based in. This means I am in London and I connect to a server in Florida (USA) any sites I connect to will see I am in Florida with the IP of the server not our office or home IP. Lots of benefits is you can access content only for the USA like popular streaming services while being anonymous.

Block Ads (Optional)
Nome site you go to have ad popups and lots of rotating banners for advertising, if this is done off server like google AdWords etc they are blocked and cannot be seen.

No knowledge is needed to setup a VPN, most VPN services offer multiple simultaneous connection at least 5 (5 devices) and there is apps for Windows, IOS, MacOS, Android etc.


No logs or sensitive data is kept with NordVPN so nothing is tracked.

VPN Cons
There isn’t many but that’s really dependant on the VPN service you go for.
Some VPNs’ require you to manually setup which can be a little daunting for some.
VPN speed on our tests slows connection by about 10% on NordVPN but this would be dependant on the server you connect to and the service you use. We have never noticed any slow down in usability using NordVPN, although we can see a slight loss in download speed .
Extra Cost

Do we use a VPN service?

Yes we do.

We use NordVPN mainly because its simple and you can connect with 1 Click, also as an optional extra you can have a dedicated IP. This means you have the same IP whenever you connect to the internet from any location and its only used by us, however this is not anonymous browsing as the IP is assigned to us.

If we did want to be anonymous then we could switch to another server and use any server we like with a shared IP.

The main use for the VPN service is when the office cannot resolve a domain because its just moved or changed IP and our ISP has caching in place, it saves us hours a week. Its also nice to look at what the streaming networks are offering in other countries.

Should I have a VPN?

Its really dependant on your usage as above. Providing that you are always logging into a website that uses HTTPS (that has the padlock) and you are connecting to email in a secure manner then you will not get any added security.

If you are a developer and building websites or just want to connect via other countries or IP’s then yes, you would benefit from a VPN service. Also if you want the Ad blocking and the anonymous aspect of surfing the web then that would also be a yes.

Currently NordVPN have some good offers on, but feel free to check other providers.
Please note if you want the dedicated IP option its $70 per year for your own IP on top of the normal package price.

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