Summary of 2017

Dec 30, 2017


Its been a busy year

Over the course of 2017 we have made some really big changes to all our hosting plans and just wanted to recap on what those changes were.

As you know we are big advocates of using SSL on your websites, we believe that its pointless having a website without one (So does Google) so it shouldn’t be a shock that changes have been made in this area to make it available to everyone for free.

Cloud Hosting

  • All packages changed to unlimited bandwidth
  • We moved all customers across to our new hosting platform that uses SSD disks for faster website delivery.
  • We also introduced free SSL certificates to the hosting accounts, so you can now enable from within the control panel.
  • Email box sizes went from 400MB to 1GB and now up to 10GB dependant on your hosting plan and email box sizes do not contribute to your hosting allowance size like cPanel does.

cPanel Hosting

  • Introduced IMUNIFY360 which actively protects your websites from brute force attacks, furthermore it can block attacks before they happen with wallarm and other shared data from the IMUNIFY360 network.
  • Added free SSL’s to all current cPanel hosting accounts Host 2 to Host 8 so you can cover all your domains and sub domains with a free SSL.
  • Added the option to purchase cPanel OV and EV SSL certificates at a reduced cost all through your cPanel, from cPanel direct.
  • Added the option for cPanel accounts to add their own 3rd party SSL certificates at no cost.
  • All the above additions have been added to our Reseller hosting too.

Keep giving us feedback so we can develop our hosting around your needs. Keep an eye on our blog as we have more exciting features coming in 2018.

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