Which Hosting Should I Choose?

Windows or Linux? Cloud or cpanel? If you cant find the answer below or need more information, give us a call or send us an Email and we will be happy to advise.

Linux Hosting

Linux hosting is without a doubt the most dominant of all the operating systems and used by over 70% of all web servers on the internet.  Below are a few reasons for this but before you start reading a lot of people think if they have a windows PC they need windows hosting, this is not the case. The hosting you purchase has no bearing on the machine you’re uploading with or viewing the website, so we thought we would get that out of the way first.

Open Source Platform

One of the main reasons is that Linux is open source, meaning that a worldwide body of programmers can improve and distribute through the stages of development to increase functionality, security and bug fixes.

The developers are not part of a corporate culture and the open source community  attracts bright and well motivated developers. Not being coproate minded you will find some of the most experienced developers in the industry here, as opposed to chasing the next step on the corporate ladder.


One of the benefits of Linux hosting is that it has a variety of uses, but most importantly it has the capability of being modified for specific needs. Linux was created based on General Public License (GNU)  and this can be found in various distributions like Ubuntu, SUSE Linux and Red Hat.

Reliability and Security

As a hosting provider Linux is the more reliable in our experience. With open source nature of the software this allows extra modules and security measure that windows cannot compete with as your dealing with a single company as opposed to a worldwide community that adds over 10,000 lines of new code daily.


Generally Linux is quicker and easier to use. It was there at the birth of the internet and is designed to support basic website hosting out of the box. Most importantly it has the capability to run Perl Scripts and MySQL to maximise website performance. Also Linux is capable of handling more simultaneous processes than Windows.


cPanel Cloud or SSD Cloud Hosting which should i choose?

SSD Cloud Hosting and the cPanel Hosting are both on Linux and both give reliable website hosting. The main difference is the way that the servers have been setup, which give flexibility in different areas. As cPanel is branded as premium you do get what you pay for but remember this isn’t a reflection on reliability.

Cloud Hosting

Our cloud website hosting gives cloud hosting at affordable prices. As this is cloud hosting it allows us to offer unlimited bandwidth and disk space usage providing that they fall within our terms and conditions. The cloud hosting is not managed by ourselves as we use a 3rd party infrastructure for this type of hosting. Most companies will try and pass themselves off as being the host, we believe in a open policy to our customers.   Your support will still be through us and if you didn’t know already we are have “unrivalled support”

cPanel Cloud SSD Hosting

With the cPanel hosting unlike our SSD Cloud Hosting your site is located in a Reading data centre and you get the industry standard cPanel control panel, making it simple to migrate website hosting with ease right down to the databases, emails boxes, forwarders, and SSL certificates. Also with the cPanel hosting you have a lot more control of your hosting environment with multiple PHP versions (Which the SSD Cloud Hosting has) but you can also decide which php extensions you also want to run and we also have much higher levels of market leading security protection for your websites.

All our cPanel plans come with a free hourly backup schedule to protect your data,  we also use CloudLinux to ensure that your site is Caged against any other site on the server, so its very secure and reliable as no single site can consume the server resource if it is under attack. Also a lot of things come at reduced cost like SSL certificates, although you do get free SSL’s on all plans you are free to set email box sizes even security measures like ModSecurity can be tailored to your individual needs using our support team. We also use advanced firewall rules to ensure your website is protected against brute force attacks and again this can be tailored your specific needs. Also our cPanel plans have real time malware scanning and brute force protection.

Windows Hosting

There are several advantages to selecting the Windows platform, below we will give some reasons why Windows hosting is right for you.

If your website relies on .net or visual basic, Windows hosting is an excellent choice. In fact, it’s the only choice that will provide you what you need to accomplish building a website with these languages. Unix hosting is not able to use these languages and if you need to use either, it is essential that you select a Windows Hosting platform.


.ASP and Dynamically Database Driven Pages

If you plan to use Active Server Pages or .ASP or if you need to have a dynamically database driven website, Windows is superior in this regard. In fact, Linux servers do not support .ASP, which makes your choice clear if you plan to use this popular scripting language on your site.

Access Compatibility

If your website needs to collect its data from an Access database, a Windows server will be able to integrate this database seamlessly. While there are many database options, such as MySQL, many people prefer to use Access. A Windows server will be able to make integration much easier.


If you use Visual Interdev or plan to develop Windows based applications on your site, than a Windows platform will obviously be the best choice for you. Linux does not support Windows development programs and if this is the development language of your choice, you would be best served by a Windows based server.

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