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Aug 4, 2016

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Free SSL’s are almost a reality, for some in the next 24 hours.

We have been making some big changes in the background and very soon dependant on the package you’re on you can pickup a free SSL.  We have been awaiting Lets encrypt integration to cPanel, however this is still not available and may not be needed.

Do we need Lets Encrypt?

It seems that cPanel have had the same thoughts around the Free SSL option, we have enabled across our servers and we are ready to go, well almost! More info on this further down the page keep reading.

Once an account is activated for the free SSL from cPanel & Comodo the system will auto install in the  midnight hours a SSL for any addon domain, and sub domain including www. for your account. This is automated and you don’t need to do anything. Also when you add another add on domain or sub domain the system will automatically get the certificates for them too during the midnight hours, HOW COOL!!

This is a massive saving on hosting as certificates out there at the moment are £80+ to do the same thing, per domain and you can cover multiple domains and sub accounts. Please note that these are not wildcard certificates so you cannot secure wilcards or parked domains but you’re good to go on sub domains and add on domains.

We have not yet decided on which plans will receive this great feature, but we are intent on making this as many as possible. But we need to do some testing first.

So we need about 30 testers that has more than one site/or sub domains in use that we can do the testing with.  Being a tester will ensure that you get free SSL’s for your cPanel account even if its not applicable to your plan when we release.

How do I apply?

Login to the client area –> Create a Hosting support ticket –> Select low priority –> with the ticket titled Free SSL Testing.

In the ticket please give us some idea on how you can support our testing. You do need to agree that you will convert all your sites to https:// once installed.

To apply your domain nameservers need to be pointing to us, as the certificate has to resolve to our servers, if the DNS is managed elsewhere then we could have issues.

You have to be a current customer with us with cPanel hosting.

If you use Cloudflare on your account then you cannot be part of the testing.

We look forward to hearing from you and with some testing make FREE SSL’s a reality and a safer internet.

Don’t hang around we only have 30 spaces available!!

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